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Biological Dentistry

We believe that dentistry is not just about treating teeth and gums, but about developing a harmonious relationship between oral health and our overall health. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to the principles of “biological dentistry”, which acts with the awareness of the connection between oral health and body health and emphasizes the importance of this connection. For this reason, our priority in our treatments is to detect the presence of problems in your mouth that may affect your general health, to give priority to biocompatible materials and minimally invasive techniques in solving them, to act with approaches that aim to preserve the vitality of teeth such as “biomimetic dentistry” and to benefit from systemic supports while doing so.


Ceramic/Zirconia teeth implants

Zirconia (Ceramic) Implants

Since ceramic implants do not corrode like metals, they are more tissue compatible, and they also enable more aesthetic results, especially in the anterior region. Before the application of ceramic implants, the patient should be prepared for surgery with the correct protocols.

Safe Amalgam Removal

The SMART amalgam removal protocol determined by the International Academy of Oral Health and Toxicology (IAOMT) is implemented with all necessary equipment.


Ozone Applications

Utilizing ozone gas or ozonated water for different dental treatments is known as ozone therapy. It can help with root canal treatments, prevent gum disease, cure early tooth decay, speed up recovery after oral surgery, and even whiten teeth. The antibacterial effects of ozone help eliminate lesions, treat bad breath, and keep dental unit waterlines clean. Ozone treatment may have certain advantages, but its efficacy and safety are still being studied, so it’s critical that dentists receive training in its use and that patients explore its suitability with their dental specialists.


PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) is a method used in surgeries in the mouth area, implant operations, gingival problems and healthier recovery of extraction cavities.

Dead Bone Tissue

Nico - Cavitations

Nico-cavitations are thought to occur after dental extractions, particularly when the extraction site hasn’t healed properly and necrotic tissue remains. Proponents of the NICO theory claim that these cavitations can harbor harmful bacteria and toxins, which could contribute to various systemic health problems, including neuralgia and chronic pain.

Holistic Oral Examination

We cannot treat oral and dental problems as if they are problems specific to the mouth, independent of general health. Problems in the mouth can both point to other problems in the body and can be the cause of these problems!

Holistic Oral Examination

Guided Biofilm Therapy

The goal of guided biofilm therapy (GBT), a cutting-edge method of oral hygiene and dental care, is to effectively remove dental biofilm and stains. To ensure ideal dental health, it blends cutting-edge technology, evidence-based practices, and thorough treatment. GBT places a strong emphasis on creating individualized treatment regimens that are suited to the needs of each patient. To effectively and delicately remove biofilm, plaque, and surface stains from teeth and soft tissues, GBT uses methods including air polishing and ultrasonic scaling. This methodical and minimally intrusive technique promotes a bright, clean, and healthy smile while improving overall dental wellness. It also helps prevent and treat oral disorders.


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