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Людмила Чачова
I had the privilege to meet and be a patient of Dr. Tugba Duymaz - a high-qualified dentist and a wonderful person. For me everything started like a year ago when I started connecting some of my health issues with the existence of amalgam fillings in my mouth. Then I started researching holistic methods for removing them safely. This is how I learned about the IAOMT and their list with certified dentists. When I came across Mrs. Duymaz's site I was fascinated by the way she speaks about amalgam fillings removal, by the personal stories that she has shared and the useful professional pieces of advice that she has given. I had no doubts that she was the right choice for me and the time showed that I was right. When I went into Dr. Duymaz’s office for the first time I was welcomed very warmly by her and her team. Then, every single detail for removing my amalgams safely has been done with precision and a warm attitude. During the whole process I was feeling safe and in good hands because I knew that Dr. Duymaz is doing her best. Thanks to Dr. Duymaz and her team I can say that the amalgam fillings are already in the history for me. Thank you so much Dr. Duymaz for being a great professional and last but not least a wonderful person. Thank you for helping me live a healthier life!
Bin Jaber
After endless search for a true holistic dentist for my implants & safe amalgam removal, I found Dr Tuğba’s online material and videos very credible. It was easy to communicate with her via whatsup and Instagram and I was provided with clear and honest answers which indicate her knowledge and expertise in the field. I decided to travel to Istanbul and I was pleased that Dr Tugba accommodated my appointment requirements despite her very busy schedule. My first impression was great! The modern and very clean clinic, the strict hygiene protocols and not to mention the very friendly and professional team. I was examined by Dr Tugba who then suggested the treatment plan. I had three white fillings including the safe amalgam removal protocols, I also had two extractions and two ceramic implants. The extraction and implants were also carried out following the biological dentistry protocols including the ozone therapy and FPR injection. One thing noticeable was that, Dr Tugba was not rushed, she was very patient and took her time to reach best results. For example, one white filling that took my dentist in London 20 mins to do (no wonder it fell after few weeks) however it took Dr Tugba 90 minutes. She is like an artist who cares about the finer details. I am now back in London, and very pleased with the results, it has been four days since my implants and I already feel recovered particularly as I had the Vitamin C IV soon after my implants, which was recommended by Dr Tuğba to speed up recovery and support immunity. I have seen many dentists, but in my opinion Dr Tuğba’ scores top ranks for her professionalism and ethical approach to the profession. Thank you very much and thanks to your friendly assistants, and I look forward to my next session in August
Mountassir Alaoui
I've been planning to remove Amalgam fillings for a while but I visited couple holistic SMART certified dentists in USA for consultation and the prices were so high, I looked up certified dentists in Turkey and came across Dr Tugba Duymaz's profile in IOAMT website for certified amalgam removal dentists. The entire experience was great, I can't express how welcoming and warming Dr Tugba and her team treated me. It felt like home, I was greeted by Dr Tugba and her team when I arrived. She explained the whole process to me before we started and took me step by step during the operation. It's very rare where you find a dentist that gives you enough attention and explains what's going on with your teeth. She explained my X-rays to me and other interesting facts about my teeth which I greatly appreciated. Thank you so much Dr Tugba and your team, I'm so happy with finally removing my amalgams. I can't express how happy I and finally ready to start detoxing 🥦🍅🍠🥑🥕
Hulya Sarikaya
Tuğba Hanımı tanıdığımdan dolayı çok mutluyum.Gerçek bir Diş Doktoru! Mesleğine duyduğu saygıdan ve hastalarını sağlığını en iyi şekilde düşündüğünden dolayı saygıların da en büyüğünü hak ediyor. Tuğba Hanım gibi işini en iyi şekilde yapan bir insan bulmak çok zor bu zamanda. Örnek bir insan. Büyük emek ve titizlikle söktü, amalgam dolgularımı. Ormocer dolgularımı, tam bir sanat eseri gibi yaptı. Doktorlar, röntgen çekmeden dolgu olduğunu anlamayacaktır. Çalışmayı çok sevdiği öyle belli ki!. Kendisine Zirkoryum Seramik İmplant da yaptırdım ,çok memnunum.Elleri hiç dert görmesin😊
Hassan Al Alawi
Treatment we got from Dr. Tuğba Duymaz was excellent. Everything was superior, starting from the communication to fixing appointments, diagnosis, then treatment and finally follow up. Dr Tuğba Duymaz is an excellent dentist, she is - with no doubt - very knowledgeable in her field, very kind with patients and moreover provided detailed explanation to every and each step she intended to do. Big thanks to her & we definitely will continue treatment with her. Further, we highly recommend her.
Ash J.
She has five stars for a reason. Super careful and thoughtful. In SMART procedures, her technique exceeds others. The oxygen noise piece covers the nose rather than fits in, which is better. She actually uses the vacuum for vapors. Rubber dam to prevent intake. I know what the amalgam tastes like because I grind my teeth at night. So, I can say with confidence that I didn't taste the amalgam at all and I just had 3 removed. Very knowledgeable and friendly doctor. Thank you for everything and answering all of my questions! Cheers and best wishes
Bir insanın mesleğine olan sevgisi yaptığı sanattan bellidir.Harika bir insan harika bir diş hekimi Tuğba Duymaz💕
N. Ceren Sumer
Bilimselliği ilke edinen, modern gelişmeleri uygun bir dille açıklayan Dr. Tuğba Duymaz insanları ve sağlığımızı ticari malzeme olarak görmeyen, saygıdan, güler yüzden ödün vermeyen, şahsen deneyimleme fırsatı bulduğum bütün tıbbi müdahalelerinde başarılı olmuş, beni kronik ağrılardan kurtarmış değerli bir hekimimizdir.
Carol Ann
I came especially to Turkey to be treated by Tugba Duymaz because she is SMART certified to remove amalgam fillings. Well, I am very satsified with the result. Tugba is a warm, caring professional dentist with lots of patience. She makes you feel at ease during the whole proces. She advises well which supplements to take before and after. Not to forget that she is a very kind and sympathetic person. 100% recommended!! Thank you Tugba.



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