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NICO – Cavitations

Although NICO stands for neuralgia, that is, dead areas in the jawbone that cause nerve-induced pain, it can also progress insidiously in the bone without causing any symptoms in some patients.

These lesions are well known in the field of orthopedics, but several researchers, notably Jerry Bouquot, have also found them in the jaw bones when examining patients with unexplained facial pain. Below you can see what a healthy bone should look like and the unhealthy bone tissue removed from the jawbone of a patient with NICO after his death.

Healty Jawbone Structure

Healthy Jawbone

Dead NICO area in the jawbone

Dead NICO area in the jawbone

Researchers such as J. Lechner have detected very high amounts of inflammatory elements called RANTES/RANKL in these lesions. What are these elements? In other areas of medicine, these agents have been found to be elevated in the blood or cerebrospinal fluid in many conditions such as MS, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, breast cancer and trauma. RANTES levels measured in the jawbone can even exceed these levels. Therefore, it is thought that such lesions may play a role in inflammatory diseases.

Currently, the most common treatment method recommended for this condition is to surgically access these areas, curette them and allow the bone to heal again. In order for bone metabolism to function well, the preoperative and postoperative period is as important as the operation. The patient is prepared for the operation with diet, lifestyle changes, and, if necessary, supplements that will help bone healing to be healthy. In addition, supporting healing with methods such as ozone and PRF can increase the chance of success.


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