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Tugba Duymaz


I started writing this website to share the information I have synthesised from what I have read about functional/integrative medicine, which has been attracting increasing attention in our country in recent years, and to come together with people like me who are trying to take control of their own health.

As I came across biological dentistry during these readings and started to see the role of dentistry in general health much better, both the way I work and the content of the site started to change. Therefore, among my articles, you can find articles on general health and functional medicine, as well as articles on how oral health and general health intersect. Let me talk a little bit about my education and business life to better explain where I am. After graduating from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2006, I started working in my own practice. As a dentist for five years, the automated progression of our work was disturbing me and intellectually unsatisfying. Although I knew that oral diseases in general worsen the course of many diseases, I was not aware of the real value of my practices. I was also unaware of many topics that are now in the field of biological dentistry. For example, although I never made amalgam fillings, I did not know that I should take precautions when removing them. I did not feel the need to question what I was taught at school about fluoride application. I met many other biological dentistry approaches that I now practice much later.

I have always been fascinated by almost every topic of interest in science. One of the topics I have been interested in for a long time was the brain and how it works. During this period, I came across the "Cognitive Science" programme at Boğaziçi University. Since I could not apply as a dentist, I thought of taking the university exam and entering a department where I could at least take courses on the subject, during this period when I was in search of a new search... Since a well-rounded education was supported here, I was able to take courses that I was interested in such as "Psychology", "Neuroscience", "Brain and Language". During this period, I first tried to manage my practice part-time and then took a break from work for a while.

With the birth of my daughter in 2013, I left school after 3 years at Boğaziçi (who knows, maybe one day:)...) While researching what kind of a path I should take when my daughter will start tasting food, I came across the information that my Hashimoto's disease, which has been with me for many years but which I had not questioned before, can be healed with nutrition! Moreover, I learnt that vitiligo, which has been on my hands for a few years, may actually be related to Hashimoto's disease and the emergence of a third autoimmune disease is also possible! First gluten-free diet, then intolerance test, different diet trials, supplements... Then I realised that it was not just about removing certain foods. Hidden infections in the body, toxic heavy metal load, sleep, stress, daylight, breathing... There were many issues to work on.

In the meantime, I had started working again, but I was still not fully acquainted with biological dentistry.

Then, due to my husband's work, we lived in Plovdiv in Bulgaria for a short period, but I can say that I found myself. It was there that I started writing this website for the first time. At that time, functional medicine was still very little known in Turkey and Turkish resources were very limited or superficial. Thanks to my writings, I met a lot of new people with similar interests.

It was also during this period that I got to know biological dentistry better and took the first steps of the changes I would make when I returned. I started to do research on many topics such as amalgam fillings, toxicity, ceramic implants, oral microbiome, root canal treated teeth, physical causes of oral diseases.

Thanks to what I have read and applied, I have achieved many good results in my own health. I have made a great improvement in my vitiligo lesions, which should not heal according to the classical medical understanding. I was able to reduce the amount of thyroid medication I needed and my thyroid antibodies. My energy and motivation increased. I got rid of many ailments such as rosacea, bloating, sinusitis, depression, headaches, weakness, irritability, which reduced my quality of life.

At the beginning of 2018, after returning to Turkey, I changed my way of working and adopted completely biological dentistry practices. I became the first physician in Turkey to perform amalgam removal 100% compliant with the SMART protocol. I became one of the first practitioners of ceramic implants in Turkey, which I wanted to follow and try as soon as possible while I was in Plovdiv. I started to attend international congresses and courses to learn better the different applications of biological dentistry. In the advice I give to my patients, I try to go beyond oral hygiene and underline the fact that the body is a whole many times. I should also say that I have a great harmony with my patients because we are generally interested in similar subjects and I look at my profession very differently now because I feel that I can be more useful to them. I also learn a lot from them!

Although I am a "practitioner" working with my hands in the clinic, my main goal is to contribute to a better understanding that oral and physical health are intertwined. For this purpose, I will talk about the negative effects that oral health can cause on the body, and why it is not enough to take refuge in brushes and paste. But most of all, I will talk about what we can do before the problems arise so that the next generation will be luckier than us in terms of oral health problems...

Although I cannot always give quick answers to your questions, I try to answer them in some way. For this, you can contact me via my e-mail address or my social media accounts. Apart from the articles I share on the site, you can also follow my short daily posts on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Elif Vural

Elif Vural

Dental Assistant

Ezgi Tepe

Ezgi Tepe

Dental Assistant

Hülya Talipova


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