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Why and How to Do Mercury Detox?

Mercury is one of the most toxic chemicals that can underlie the chronic problems we have, and sometimes even start them. Mercury, entering the body in various ways, accumulates in our tissues and organs, causing biochemical events to be disrupted. According to the World Health Organization, “Mercury has a toxic effect on the nervous, digestive and immune systems, lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes.” It should not be forgotten that the last organizations that utter such statements are the World Health Organization and similar organizations. That’s why it is worth noting that this warning is a bit mild to many researchers, and the problems caused by mercury can be much more serious. (You can find my article on amalgam fillings and hence mercury damage here.)

According to some researchers, everyone is exposed to mercury without exception due to environmental pollution, so everyone should detox regularly. However, some people are exposed to much higher amounts of mercury, which may be due to:

  • The presence of amalgam (gray) fillings in the mouth or the removal of these fillings without taking any precautions (During disassembly, high amounts of mercury are released and this mercury can accumulate in the organs. You can read this article for the correct removal technique.)
  • Frequently consuming large fish (More mercury accumulates in fish such as tuna and swordfish, which are at the top of the food chain.)
  • Vaccines (Some vaccines contain mercury as a preservative.)
  • Being in an environment where some items that contain mercury, such as thermometers, light bulbs, are broken
  • Occupational exposure (Being a dentist, dentist or mining profession)

Let us remind you that mercury has different forms. We are most exposed to elemental mercury and methyl mercury. Elemental mercury is found in amalgam fillings. Since it evaporates very easily, it is mostly taken from our lungs. Mouth temperature, chewing, brushing, teeth grinding, etc. When the factors are added, the amount of mercury taken increases. Some of the mercury in the fillings turns into methylmercury and is swallowed. Since elemental mercury dissolves very easily in fat, it can pass through the blood-brain barrier and reach the central nervous system and the unborn baby by passing through the placenta. Mercury crossing the blood-brain barrier is trapped there ionized and begins to have neurotoxic effects. It can stay in the brain for so long that it can be detected here even years after exposure (1).

Another source of exposure to the methyl mercury form is fish. The mercury found in seas – due to pollution – is converted into methyl mercury by plankton. Mercury is stored in the bodies of fish that eat plankton, and the total amount of mercury accumulated increases as the bigger fish eats the smaller fish. We, who are at the last step of the chain, get all that savings when we consume big fish. Methyl mercury is mainly absorbed from the gastrointestinal system. When it enters the circulation, more than 90% of it binds to hemoglobin by entering the erythrocytes. 10% of the methyl mercury load in the body is again in the brain and it gradually turns into an inorganic form. It causes the death of nerve cells in the brain, damage to glial cells, and damages the cerebral and cerebellar cortex. Methyl mercury can also pass through the placenta to the fetus and accumulate in the baby’s brain, causing the damage I mentioned. (one) Although some sources say that the half-life of mercury in the body (the time required for half of it to be excreted from the body) is 20-90 days, autopsy studies have shown that this is not true and mercury can be detected even 17 years after exposure to mercury (2).

For these reasons, it is not enough to simply remove the source of mercury and wait for the body to expel the mercury in time to repair the damage caused by mercury in the body. Especially for those whose detox systems do not work well and who have a lot of mercury accumulation, it is necessary to support the body in various ways and use chelating agents and binders in order to remove mercury from the places where it is stored, especially from the brain. I must say that doing mercury detox is not as easy as mentioned in some social media accounts and blogs. Especially for those who are already battling many chronic conditions, starting a random detox product can do more harm than good. There are patients who experience adverse side effects and worsening even with the lightest protocols. That’s why I recommend you to think and research very well before seeing and using any product in Instagram stories. Mercury detox means activating mercury from the organs it has settled in and making it circulate in the body. As a result of this action, mercury can worsen the situation by being transported from an organ where it will do less harm to an organ where it will do more damage (for example, it can come out of adipose tissue and settle in the brain). So it’s not a job to be taken lightly! Therefore, I will not suggest you a specific protocol in my articles on mercury detox. Instead, I will outline the prominent protocols on this subject and address the criticisms made. Some of these protocols are:

  • Andy Cutler protocol
  • Dietrich Klinghardt protocol
  • Chris Shade / Quicksilver method
  • TRS and similar nano clitilolites
  • Boyd Haley – Emeramide (OSR)
  • HMD
  • IV chelation methods (Almost no one recommends it anymore, but I’ll talk about why it’s dangerous.)

When I write the protocols you will see that there are some common points in all of them. One of them is that you cannot remove mercury from the body in a short time, it is not right to do so. You need to be patient to get rid of the mercury that has accumulated in your body for years. Otherwise, the body may not be able to deal with the large amount of mercury released from the organs. Another common point is that most of the protocols suggest measures to support detox systems and organs in addition to the chelation method used. Before going into the details of the protocols, I am thinking of talking about our detox systems. Because no matter which method you choose, I think that if you make some systems work better in your body, as much as the toxic load allows, the possibility of experiencing the mentioned side effects will decrease. I am waiting for your comments about the points you want me to write and your contributions… See you in the next article …

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