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Treatments We Apply

Zirconia Implants

In our clinic we only use Swiss Made Z-Systems zirconia implants.

SMART Amalgam Removal

Removal of Titanium Implants

We remove titanium implants with the help of special implant removal devices and piezo surgery.

Bio Whitening

In addition to the classic whitening agent, it contains the substance hydroxyapatite, which is also found in the structure of the teeth. It helps to reduce the cracks and roughness on the tooth surface, strengthen the tooth structure and minimize the sensitivity that may occur with whitening.

Aesthetic Fillings

Fillings, which can be easily applied even in the anterior region and are highly compatible with tooth color, make it possible to perform operations without damaging the tooth tissue, not only in decayed teeth, but also in operations such as closing the gaps between the separated teeth or changing the tooth shape.

Periodontal Treatment

An unhealthy gum causes an environment where bacteria can easily enter the body. Both mechanical cleaning in the mouth and ozone application, if necessary, and suggestions for inflammation in the body, as well as periodontal surgeries performed for aesthetic or functional reasons are parts of the treatment.

Zirconium Crown

They are more biocompatible and more aesthetic than metal-based bridges / coatings.

Porcelain Inley / Onley

It is possible to make porcelain fillings without the need for coating with minimal abrasion from the tooth, even in teeth with very large material losses.

Dental Prosthetics

In tooth deficiencies, there are different prosthesis options supported with implants, if necessary, to meet the lost function and aesthetic requirements.


Bringing the crooked teeth to their correct places, maintaining the impacted canine teeth, and monitoring the development of the jaw are some of the interests of orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Lamina

Laminas, also known as leaf porcelain, are applied for aesthetic purposes, especially in front teeth. A little abrasion from the tooth surface is sufficient.

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