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Safe Amalgam Removal

During the removal of amalgam (silver) fillings in my clinic, I apply the SMART amalgam removal protocol determined by the International Academy of Oral Health and Toxicology (IAOMT) with all necessary equipment.

According to scientific publications, during the removal of amalgam fillings, the dentist, assistant staff and the patient are exposed to very high amounts of mercury vapor. It has been shown that the mercury level in the blood rises very high in filling removal procedures performed without taking any precautions. This can cause serious problems, especially in those who are genetically predisposed. Even in more resistant people, it creates a serious toxic load for the body that must be excreted.

In addition to the removal of fillings, evaluating the general health status of the patient, preparing the patient for the procedure, evaluating the materials to be used in terms of biocompatibility with the patient and giving an idea about what they can do to reduce the toxic load on the body afterward are some of the important points from the point of view of biological dentistry.

When I got to the root of my own autoimmune diseases…

Around 2016, after encountering the problems that amalgam fillings can cause, I turned to biological dentistry, so amalgam fillings are also a personal issue for me. I read this report of the IAOMT, which created a situation report by scanning perhaps all the articles on the subject, page by page, reached the cited articles and published the translation of some of them on my website. Afterward, I started to take all the precautions I could take for my own patients. However, I was initially unable to use the special vacuum device, which is considered one of the most important parts of the dismantling, which is positioned in the immediate vicinity of the patient’s face and filters mercury, because it was not available in our country. After I managed to obtain the device, I applied for SMART certification. I would like to remind you that for certification, the physician’s own declaration is completely relied on and this certificate is not sufficient.

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